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Monday, May 24, 2010

Psychiatry's Place in the Medical Home

The MEDICAL HOME: Is there a place for Psychiatry in it? symposium “sold out”, standing room only !

Our Medical Home symposium was a smashing success with an overflow, standing room only audience from across the USA and overseas on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 !

Drs. Frank de Gruy, Chairman of Family Medicine, University of Colorado, School of Medicine at Denver, Michael Houston, former WPS President, of Washington DC and I presented. Dr. De Gruy, focused on Primary Care Perspectives, Dr. Houston on Economic Factors, and I on Health Policy Implications.

A robust dialogue followed addressing liability, confidentiality, training, clinical outcomes, services management, sustainability, health policy, information technology and innovation. Several of the participants expressed the wish that our APA offer more educational choices on psychiatry & primary care integration in next year’s scientific program.The Assembly’s unanimous endorsement of our Psychiatry & Primary Care Integration position statement, hours before, and our Medical Home symposium were synergistic, complementary and contributed to a spirited participation both on the floor of the Assembly and in our symposium. To quote Dr. de Gruy, “Psychiatrists are gold” in the context of his primary care & psychiatry integration model, as we think in an integrative, biopsychosocial model, understand the nuances of human behavior and are trained to approach our patients in that wholistic model, thus be invaluable members of a psychiatry & primary care collaborative and/or integrated team.

By the way, the APA Assembly’s unanimous endorsement on Sunday May 23rd 2010, would not have been possible without the very generous support and guidance of Dr. Gary Weinstein, Immediate Past Speaker of the Assembly, Dr. Jack McIntyre, Former APA President and Former Speaker of the Assembly, many colleagues and friends of the APA Assembly, Ms. Margaret Dewar and other dedicated APA staff.


Eliot Sorel, MD, Washington Psychiatric Society, Position Statement lead author Psychiatry & Primary Care Integration across the Lifespan

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