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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Women with History of Childhood Abuse At Greater Risk for Aggression in Relationships

Women with a history of childhood physical abuse may be at greater risk than men for aggression, as a victim or as a perpetrator, in adult intimate relationships, according to a study released at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

The research was scheduled for presentation Sunday, May 15, at the 164th American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, which is in Honolulu May 14-18.

Researchers said the findings also suggest that anger suppression could play a role in the link between aggression in relationships and abuse history.

Details of this study, along with five other new research studies, will be presented at a press briefing from the APA Annual Meeting. Members of the media can attend in Room 307 of the Hawaii Convention Center at 8 am Hawaii time, Monday, May 16, or participate online at 11 AM PDT/2 pm EDT by registering at

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