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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Psychiatric Symptoms Prior to Deployment Predict Risk of New Onset PTSD in a Cohort of National Guard Troops

A poster presented in the final poster session of the APA's 164th Annual Meeting in Honolulu discussed research that looked at whether individual symptoms associated with PTSD could be predictors of whether full PTSD would develop. Predeployment depression and alcohol dependence were not associated with increased risk of PTSD after deployment but risk was significantly elevated in the case of somatization. Subclinical symptoms of PTSD and somatization assessed prior to military deployment appear to be antecedent risk factors for new onset PTSD. Despite the fact that depression and alcohol dependence are frequently comorbid with PTSD neither acted as a risk factor in this study. The presence of multiple, nonspecific ailments, however, consistent with a somatization‑like process, was associated with increased vulnerability.

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